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Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Steps to Request a Letter of Recommendation

1.  Check Admissions Website

Each university has their own admissions website.  There you will find information detailing the requirements to apply, including Letters of Rec, transcripts, etc.  Note: All Common App Schools require letters of recommendation.

2. Confirm Application Deadline

The admissions websites also indicate each applications' deadline. Once you confirm the schools deadline, and which deadline you will be applying for (some have multiple deadlines), you will need to enter your colleges and their deadlines into Naviance.  Click here for more info.

3. Complete Your Brag Sheet on Naviance

You will need to complete the Brag Sheet in Naviance for your teachers and counselors to write your Letter of Rec. You can find this under the tab "About Me" under "My Surveys". Click here for more info.

4. Ask Your Teacher or Counselor

You will need to ask your teacher, and asking them in person first is a sign of respect. Then you can send an email to follow up and send your request through Naviance.  Keep in mind, the teacher/counselor is doing you a favor!

5. Send Your Official Request Through Naviance 

Once you have asked the teacher or counselor, you will then need to "officially" request it through Naviance. Select the "Colleges I'm Applying to" tab at the bottom of the page, then select the option to "Request a Letter of Recommendation".  Click here for more info.