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Where to Begin...

Build a Balanced List: Using your GPA, test scores, and extra-curricular activities, choose

  • 3-4 Safety schools (above the median range)
  • 3-4 Target schools (within the median range)
  • 3-4 Reach schools (below the median range)

Search "admissions profile" or "freshman profile" and the college you are interested in to populate the current range of data to compare to your own.

Remember, the search process is about finding FIT.  It's not just about scores and GPA.  Reflect on what type of atmosphere you thrive in based on the listed factors.

Explore Colleges

Find the Right Fit

Factors to Consider when Exploring Colleges

1. Size of School (large or small) - Big fish in a little pond, or little fish in a big pond? Which environment will you thrive in?

2. Location, Location, Location - If you hate the snow, it is not recommended that you apply to a school where it snows half the year. Remember, you will be living there for four years.

3. Majors - Do they have the major you want to study? If you are not sure yet, do they have a variety of majors to choose from?

4. Campus Life - Housing options, clubs, activities, athletics, etc. Do they have what you are looking for?

5. Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities - Check the college's "Financial Aid" website to see where you can get free money.

6. Graduation and Retention rates - Do most students graduate in four years? This also impacts your financial commitment. 

7. Admission rates - How hard is it to get into the school? Check out the average GPA of the current freshmen class and other information provided by the college.