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Registration and Enrollment Information for Incoming Students

Due to the current situation, sadly all schools in Simi Valley Unified will be closed for the remainder of the school year. Unfortunately due to school closures, we will had to cancel our Q&A Night that was tentatively rescheduled for April 7th. If you have completed your Registration Form and have no questions, please either scan the form or take a picture of the form and email it to  If you still have questions, we want to make sure we are able to answer them!  Please feel free to reach out to your counselor with any questions.  


Last Names A-F: Ms. Thompson

Last Names G-N: Mrs. Hotz

Last Names O-Z: Ms. McMahon 


We are requesting that all completed enrollment and registration forms be emailed to our registrar, Sue Petralia, at as soon as possible.

In addition, due to current circumstances we are no longer able to hold auditions in our traditional manner.  The performing arts department is doing their best to work with families to allow for digital auditions.  Please see the information provided at this link on how to complete an audition (if applicable).  Registration forms can be submitted without the audition results. Counselors will work with the performing arts teachers and can adjust placement based on their feedback.  We are all here to support you during this time! 

Thank you for your patience during this ever changing situation. 

Out of District Students Enrollment Information


All out-of-district students must provide us with a completed enrollment packet, please include:

  1. Enrollment Form Completed
  2. Copy of birth certificate (or other verification of birth)
  3. Immunization Record
  4. Transcript/Grades (most recent)
  5. Utility bill (Simi Valley residents) or Interdistrict Permit (See Below)

Completed forms may be submitted to


Families living outside of Simi Valley must submit their approved interdistrict permit (signed by their District of residence) through a web form on the District web site. Complete this form and upload a scanned PDF of your signed and approved Interdistrict Permit. Families will be able to upload the signed document. Please click on this link for information on how to request an Interdistrict Transfer Permit. Please note: Accepted students may provisionally enroll and register without an approved Interdistrict Permit. Approved permits must be received prior to the start of school in August.