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College & Career Center Events

Check the calendar for up-to-date information on college visits  and events in the CCC! 

​Did you know??? The admissions officers who visit the SSHS campus are generally
the ones who will be reviewing your applications? Come get to know them!

You can also request a college representative visit! Send an email with your name,

student ID number, and your colleges of interest to

2018/2019 College & Career Center Events

Events to help plan for life after High School.  

*Please note events are subject to change.  Please continue to check this page for the most up-to-date details.



*Unless otherwise noted, all workshops and events are open to all students and their families

Past Events: 2018/2019

8/25/18 SAT & ACT Combo Mock Exam

        9:00am-12:30pm SSHS MUR

$20 Fee

9/5/18 College Application Workshop Series: SESSION ONE-Common Application

        3:00-4:30 SSHS College & Career Center

  • Complete most (if not all) of your Common Application.  Relieve the pressure and stress of a lingering college application when you attend this workshop  
  • Learn how to link Common App to Naviance
  • What is FERPA and how do you release it?
  • Get expert assistance and advice as you work on your application

9/6/18 & 9/7/18 First class date ACT --or--SAT Comprehensive Test Prep

ACT-Thursday Evenings

SAT-Late Start Fridays

SSHS College & Career Center

$369 with discount code SSHS230

9/12/18 College Fair 

        Royal High School School Quad 5:30 pm

  • Over 100 representatives from CSUs, UCs, Private and Out-of-State Colleges and Universities, Trade/Technical Schools, Military
  • SAT/ACT Prep companies and College planning companies
  • Workshop sessions that include: Out-of-State Colleges: More Affordable Than You Think; Financial Aid 101; ACT vs SAT
  • Workshops begin at 5:30

9/20/18 College Application Workshop Series: SESSION TWO-UC Application

         3:00 PM SSHS College & Career Center 

  • Create your portal and get your questions answered directly from a UC Santa Barbara Admissions Officer (AP Credits, Personal Insight Questions, Volunteer vs. Paid experience, what should be included in the application process, etc).  The rep will walk you through each step of the application process, answering any questions as they come up!

9/20/18 University of California-Information Night

         6:00 PM SSHS MUR 

  • Find out information about the UC system, differences among the UC campuses, A-G requirements, AP Credits and GPA calculation, and more.  

9/24/18 California State University-Information Night

         6:00 PM SSHS 

Location: TBD (Activities Room or College & Career Center)

  • Find out information about the CSU system, differences among the CSU campuses, A-G requirements, AP Credits and GPA calculation, and more.  

9/25/18 Scholarships 101: Demystifying the process

         6:00 PM SSHS MPR 

  • What should my student apply for?  
  • How does my student search for scholarships?
  • How to get the best return of investment on the time spent applying for scholarships
  • Learn how to set-up searches that will populate scholarships specific for your student
  • Tips on completing scholarship applications and writing effective essays
  • What are the common mistakes students make when filling out scholarship applications?  How do you avoid making those mistakes?

9/26/18 College Application Workshop Series: SESSION THREE-Essay Writing

        3:15-4:30 SSHS College & Career Center

  • This is an open discussion on how to write strong admissions essays
  • Address appropriate topics, structure, prompts, and supplemental essays

10/1/18 College Application Workshop Series: SESSION FOUR-CSU Application

         3:00 PM SSHS College & Career Center 

  • How to set up your portal, use CSUApply, answer questions about how to document grades, activities, etc

10/8/18 Financial Aid 101 

        6:00 PM SSHS MPR 

  • A representative from Cal Lu will go over the different types of financial aid, the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and other topics you NEED to know when applying for financial aid at any college.

10/10/18 College Application Workshop Series: SESSION FOUR-Essay Feedback

        3:15-4:30 SSHS College & Career Center

  • In this workshop, students will review rough drafts of their essays
  • Listen to a variety of essays from their peers; provide valuable feedback to one another
  • Receive advice on how to strengthen the content of their essays
  • Leave with a strong sense of how they can strengthen their essays on their own

10/16/18 Standardized Testing: ACT, SAT, Subject Tests

        3:00-3:50 SAT-Test Taking Tips & Strategies 

        4:00-4:50 ACT-Test Taking Tips & Strategies

        6:00-7:00 SAT vs. ACT

        SSHS College & Career Center

  • Learn test taking tips and strategies for the SAT/ACT (in separate sessions)
  • During the informational evening session, compare the tests, and learn which test may best suit the test-taker!

10/23/18 Public, Private, Out-of-state: What is the REAL cost of college?

        6:00 PM SSHS MPR 

  • All families, regardless of income or assets, should be applying for financial aid--learn strategies on how to secure financial aid!
  • Shocked by the sticker price of the private schools?  $50,000+ per year?!?! Learn how to attend a private school for less than the cost of a state school!
  • Learn the mistakes families make when applying for financial aid and how to avoid them
  • Learn the strategies for maximizing your chances of financial aid     

10/24/18 Resume Building Workshop

        3:00 PM SSHS College & Career Center 

  • What activities and experiences make a great resume?
  • What types of things are employers, scholarship committees, and colleges looking for in a resume?
  • Start building your resume (or revise your current one)!

11/2/18 ASVAB Testing * SSHS MUR 9:00 (Sign Up Required) (10th-12th grade students only)

  • This test is an invaluable tool to help your student with his/her future educational and career plans.  The ASVAB results will help them learn more about themselves and the occupations they might find rewarding.  In addition to test results, an educational specialist will return to the College & Career Center in December to interpret the students’ individual results.  Each student who takes the test will receive a workbook.  With the help of the program interpreter, students can then analyze the results to gain insight into their skills and abilities, and ultimately to determine possible career choices.
  • ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Career Exploration Program (CEP)
  • Although military representatives are administering the ASVAB, it is valuable for all students and no one will be required to provide personal information.  You will not be contacted by the military recruiters unless you express an interest in being contacted.
  • Sign ups are REQUIRED-please contact the College/Career Center for a form

1/16/19 Community College Information Night

        6:00 PM SSHS MUR

  • What is impaction and how does it affect the graduation rate from community college?
  • What resources are available for students after they graduate high school?
  • How to register (specifically for Ventura County Community Colleges-Moorpark, Oxnard, Ventura)
  • What is the IGETC and how do I build a schedule?

2/27/19 Selective College Admissions: Harvard, Berkeley, or Bust

        6:00 PM SSHS MUR

  • Learn how selective colleges (i.e. Harvard, Brown, Stanford, UCs) make decisions from pools of the most qualified applicants
  • How do admitted students set themselves apart from the rest of the applicant pool?
  • Learn strategies to help you sort through information overload and build a smart college list
  • Presented by a veteran college counselor (and former admissions officer for the University of Chicago, Caltech, and UCLA)