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Moorpark College

Applying to Moorpark?

Seniors and students that will be taking Moorpark College classes during high school, please use this MPCC Application Information (PDF) as a guide to help you complete the application process.  After you have completed all the steps, check your portal for registration dates for your classes.  


Seniors, in order to receive priority registration (this will increase your chances of getting your ideal schedule), you need to complete the following:

  1. Create an application via OpenCCCapply (see pdf, above)
  2. Follow the myVCCCD wizard link in your email (you will receive within 3 days after completing step 1)
    • complete the myVCCCD set-up wizard using the link you will receive after completing step 1(see pdf, above)
  3. Complete ONLY the English assessment within your myVCCCD portal
  4. Complete the online orientation within your myVCCCD portal
  5. Complete the Abbreviated Ed. Plan through DegreeWorks (top right-hand link on the main page of your portal-with a picture of a graduation cap)
    • Once you have entered a few courses (this is just for an idea, you don't have to register for those courses), click "SAVE but DO NOT SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL"
    • If you save and submit for approval, this will place a hold on your account
  6. Log in to your myVCCCD portal to check your registration date
  7. Log in to your myVCCCD portal to check any holds on your account (through the admissions and records office or through the financial aid office)
  8. Address any holds you may have on your account before your assigned registration date
  9. Make a plan for your schedule of classes-use the online course catalog and consult the IGETC (gen ed classes)  
    • It is a good idea to have several different schedules mapped out in case a class you've selected is full or you are waitlisted. 
    • If you do this the day you register, YOU WILL BE FRAZZLED AND FRUSTRATED
  10. Register the DAY OF your date.  

On this webpage you can also find resources (videos, docs) that will visually help guide you through these steps.


Please contact your counselor for any help with this process!  We know it can seem daunting and overwhelming, but we are here to help!


Students? Looking to speak with a MPCC Counselor?


  1. All students are welcome to come to drop-in or walk-in-Wednesday. Students can be served at drop-in whether they have a 900# or not, but having a 900# allows them to help them with clearing a prerequisite, using DegreeWorks to input a plan, and other services. Without a 900#, they can answer general questions, but their ability to provide full-service is more limited.  Make sure to bring a current transcript! 
  2. For students who wish to attend, an option is the New Student Workshops (see below for schedule). The student will have a 20-minute appointment with a counselor to create a first-semester education plan. The New Student Workshop is very similar to a Preview Day but on a much smaller scale. The goal is the same though, to have students leave with an introduction to the college, services, educational goals, and completion of a first-semester education plan. 

Drop-in counseling hours:

Monday and Thursday: 8-5

Tuesday 8-7

Wednesday: 8-9:30 & 11-7

Friday 8-12




New students seeking a comprehensive education plan can schedule a regular 45-minute appointment in the fall.