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An opportunity for students to "Design, Make, and Sell" their work through our student run company, DMS Solutions.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship at Santa Susana High School is a pathway which recognizes the need to bring together both design students, and engineering students to create products. and solve problems in a commercial environment.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship at Santa Susana High School

The Academy of Entrepreneurship at Santa Susana High School is a pathway that allows students to learn business skills, engineering and construction concepts. Learn 2D (Adobe Illustrator) and 3D (Fusion 360) software to design products. Once the design work is done, it's time to make the product using shop tools such as a table saw, chop saw, belt sander, router, band saw, drill, etc. Laser printer/engravers, and 3D printing technology can also be used to output the final product. Finally comes the students opportunity to sell their work and potentially be listed on for sale. Students will be required to intern before they can apply to work for our company and be paid.

Students should refer to the courses below and take the appropriate courses before applying for employment in DMS Solutions.

Please visit our company site DMS Solutions to place an order!

Academy Course List

(Total 85 Credits)

ROP Entrepreneurship Honors
(10 Credits)

A prerequisite course for DMS Solutions, this hands on course is focused on Design, Manufacturing (Making), and Entrepreneurship (Selling). An awesome mix of Design in the computer lab, and woodshop. Students learn Adobe Illustrator (2D) to draw plans, and may use Fusion 360, and Sketch-Up (3D) to visualize these designs in a computer 3D environment. Students will also learn how to use practical tools like a drill, table saw, skill saw, router, etc, to create and build what was drawn on the computer. While in this class we may do projects that use various software programs, do small woodshop type projects, build pallet and 2x4 furniture, cover construction techniques, and craftsmanship in the production of laser cut and home good type projects.

ROP Entrepreneurship Honors
(DMS Solutions)
(10 Credits)

Students will work/intern in our student run company DMS, (Design, Make, Sell) Solutions. DMS Solutions is a student run company comprised of graphic design, entrepreneur and engineering students working together in an entrepreneurial capacity from Santa Susana Magnet High School. Students will design products, make them, then sell them online, and at shows. We are a real company, and in some cases, students will personally make real money! Please visit our company site at

ROP Graphic Design Honors (10 Credits)
The capstone course for the Academy of Graphics and Publication. This is a two period (double honors credit) class which is for college credit (3 units) if you receive an A, B, or C in the class. We work with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create Cereal Boxes, Packaging, Vector Art, Tee Shirt Design, Silk Screen, Album Design, Posters and Advertising, Typography, Yearbook Cover Design, Currency Design, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Corporate Branding, Menu Design, Billboard Artwork, Magazine Covers and Layouts, and Computer Animation. There are also internship opportunities.

ROP Honors Engineering (10 Credits)
Engineering is a profession that contributes to change and improvements in our world.  It creates imaginative and visionary solutions to the challenges of the 21st century – the problems of feeding the world, how we will use energy and continue to protect our environment.  ROP Honors Engineering is designed to introduce students to the major disciplines of Engineering including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical and Computer.  Ever wondered how to design something new or draw out an idea to show your friends? Stop wondering and do it, using Autodesk Fusion 360, the industry-leading 3D design software! Discover the role of an engineer in taking an idea from the design process to manufacturing or production. Produce an incredible, working prototype of your project with state-of-the-art resin and/or filament 3D printers.  Design and build 2D models and prototypes using our state of the art CO2 laser cutter/engraver.  You will work on projects, activities, and problems not only of interest to you, but that have global and human impacts. Work in teams to design and improve products, document your solutions, and communicate them to others.  The culmination project of this course is to understand and build a prototype robotic rover model of NASA’s Curiosity Rover.   By engaging in hands-on, real-world projects, students understand how the material covered in class can be applied in their everyday lives.  Ready to start the journey?

ROP Stagecraft Technology (20 Credits)
Designed for students who wish to learn about the backstage ’behind the camera process”. They will learn how to design and use lights, sound, costumes, sets, make-up, props, stage management and technical direction. Designed for students preparing for a career in show business. Students will intern the last 8 weeks of the second semester.

Graphics and Publication (5 Credits)
In this semester course we learn professional design programs, such as Adobe Photoshop (Editing Images), Adobe Illustrator (Illustration), Adobe InDesign (Layout), Adobe Premiere (Video), and Adobe Animate (2D Animation). We then cover typography, and do graphic design projects such as designing advisement's, posters, and more.

Robotics and Engineering (10 Credits)
The world faces an unprecedented need for innovators, problem solving leaders and thinkers.  Robotics and Engineering is a course whose objective is to introduce students to the field of Robotics and stimulate their interests in science and engineering through the participation of the entire engineering design process. This course covers a variety of multidisciplinary topics necessary to understand the fundamentals of designing, building, and programming robots. Students learn hands on skills including soldering, circuit design, Arduino programming introduction to Python programming language and working in our state of the art maker space learning how to use hand and electric tools. Students will work with Autodesk Tinkercad to design and 3D print their projects on our state of the art resin and filament printers.  Students will also work on 2D CAD designs and complete their projects on our CO2 laser cutter/engraver.  During this course, students will be required to gradually complete the design and construction of a robot using the Vex Robotic System kit and following the constraints and objectives compete on their final project demonstration.  In addition, students will complete the construction and programming of the SeaGlide Underwater Robot designed by teams from the United States Navy.  Are you excited for your introductory journey into Robotics and Engineering?

Basic Design (10 Credits)
Basic Design is a course which covers drawing, painting, and sculpture, all through the lens of learning and using the elements and principles of art and design. This is a hands on class where students have the opportunity to imagine, create, and problem solve. This class is a prerequisite course for most academies.

Entrepreneurship Certification Requirements
Recognition - 30 Credits
Honors - 40 Credits (3.0 GPA)
High Honors - 50 Credits (3.5 GPA)

Must take Honors ROP Entrepreneurship capstone class and complete a senior project.

Course Interest Forms:
See Mr. Abbe in room 203 to pick one up.