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A student records on a video camera.

The Academy of Digital Broadcasting Santa Susana High School is a program that's been producing a weekly show for over 20 years.

Digital Broadcasting

Academy Course List

(Total 55 Credits)

Digital Broadcasting (10 Credits)
The capstone course for the Academy of Digital Broadcasting. This high level course is designed to give students a hands-on experience withproducing a school news magazine show for broadcast on a regular basis.Students from different disciplines are brought together to produce a schooloriented show to be broadcast on public access cable television. Students areresponsible for the visual and technical aspects of the production including:storyboarding, shooting of footage, quality control, graphics and musiccreation, editing compilation of articles into a 30 minute show and authoring toDVD.

Theatre Essentials (10 Credits)
The primary goal of this course is the development of each student’s imagination, problem solving and communicative potential. Students will originate and perform monologues and scenes as well as produce and respond to theatrical productions. Students will also develop a knowledge of and appreciation for drama/theatre heritage

Introduction to Filmmaking and Video Production   (10 Credits)
This is a two semester full year course which introduces the student to the various aspects of Film, TV and Digital Media Production. In the first semester, the students screen classic and contemporary exemplars of film and television programs each through the lens of the various aspects of film production:  Producing, Direction, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Art Direction, Editing, Sound and more. The students learn film theory and technical industry language. In the second semester the students in 3-4 member production teams film 5 minute or less short film projects to be screened at school sponsored film festivals (at least two a year).

AP Studio Art 2D (Digital Photography)
This is a yearlong Digital Photo class which covers how to use a professional camera, and identify elements and principles in your work. This leads to working with studio strobes, reflectors, and doing fashion shoots, which include modeling, styling, hair, and makeup. These images are then post processed in Photoshop for use in Graphic Design related projects. In the past twelve years, 100% of our students who have turned in a portfolio to the College Board, have received college credit, totaling over nearly 400 students.

Digital Photography (5 
Students learn to use an SLR camera at an advanced level. Covering ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Manual Modes. We learn composition, shoot elements and principles, editing techniques in Photoshop, and use reflectors for fashions shoots.

Graphics and Publication (5 Credits)
In this semester course we learn professional design programs, such as Adobe Photoshop (Editing Images), Adobe Illustrator (Illustration), Adobe InDesign (Layout), Adobe Premiere (Video), and Adobe Animate (2D Animation). We then cover typography, and do graphic design projects such as designing advisement's, posters, and more.

Basic Design (10 Credits)
Basic Design is a course which covers drawing, painting, and sculpture, all through the lens of learning and using the elements and principles of art and design. This is a hands on class where students have the opportunity to imagine, create, and problem solve. This class is a prerequisite course for most academies.

Digital Broadcasting Certification Requirements

Must take the Digital Broadcasting capstone class and complete a senior project.