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A student records on a video camera.

From achieving industry standards in sonic excellence, to the marketing and business end of audio production.

This academy is led by working industry professional George Gabriel. George has an expansive career in music and video production. In his company Gabriel Music, George has scored dozens of television shows, written hundreds of songs and themes for television, and starred and worked as a music director on television. His musical accomplishments include writing the theme for Disney’s 'Kim Possible,' scoring shows such as ‘Baywatch' and 'Dora The Explorer' and currently scores Netflix’s 'Llama Llama'. In his production company ZapZorn Productions, George has produced high end video graphics, corporate videos, national print advertising, produced infomercials and national television commercials. George is also a performer and has extensive live experience in television from acting on 65 episodes as ‘G’ on The Hub’s show Pictureka! to touring 5 years with 70’s Band Pablo Cruise playing alongside bands like Journey, The Beach Boys and The Doobie Brothers. George also has a sample library company and successful e-commerce business ZapZorn Composer Tools. All of his experience in audio production, television and film, marketing and live sound coupled with his desire to encourage students to pursue their dreams in a career in audio culminates into this curriculum of this Academy.

The Academy of Audio Production covers every aspect of audio production from the technical aspects of sound engineering, to the artistry of achieving industry standards in sonic excellence, to the marketing and business end of audio production.

The Academy covers skills in recording, mixing, live sound, podcasting, music marketing, post-production and many other pivotal aspects of music and audio production. Students taking these courses will understand the concepts in recording and mixing music and sound, understand the physics of sound and its role in recording and mixing, know the job opportunities in audio production and understand the workings of the music and sound business. Students will have hands on experience in podcasting, promo creation, recording and mixing live sound, recording and mixing studio sound for music and post-production and many other hands-on aspects of music and sound production. Students who complete all the classes this course will learn everything they need to know to prepare for a career in audio and music production.


Academy Course List

Video Production

Digital Editing

ROP Digital Broadcasting

ROP Sound Production

ROP Stagecraft

Audio Production Certification Requirements

Must take the Advanced Sound and Music Production CTE capstone class and complete a senior project.