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Welcome to Simi Valley Unified School District's new website. Please pardon our dust as we import our content and format the pages. When complete, we are confident that our new site will be a valuable resource to our community.

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Academic and Career Exploration ACE

ACE Expectations


Academic and Career Exploration (ACE) is a period that meets twice per week for 50 minutes per day. Typically, we will have schoolwide assignments for two ACE periods per month. The remainder of the ACE periods will consist of JIGGING or Intervention.

What is JIGGING?


JIGGING stands for “Journey into Grades.” This is a time when each student will meet with his/ her ACE Advisor and review the student’s grades. Often, your ACE Advisor will give students guidance on setting goals, how to improve grades or where to go to seek assistance.

What is Intervention?


Intervention is a time when a student reflects on his/ her academic needs and selects a teacher to visit for academic support or enrichment. The types of activities that you may be able to accomplish during this time are: one-on-one questions with your teacher, review for upcoming tests/ quizzes, make-up missing assignments, work on a senior/ culminating project. Note: For students that do not use this Intervention time wisely, your teachers may mandate that you attend their classes during the Intervention Period.

What is FlexTime Manager?


FlexTime Manager (FTM) is a web-based program that helps staff and students schedule targeted intervention time. 


What are we doing for ACE today?

Students can check the schedule in FlexTime Manager to see when it's an ACE only activity versus an Intervention activity.


How will I be graded in ACE?

All students earn either a Pass (“P”) or a Fail (“F”) for ACE. Your grade will appear on your transcript. You should pass ACE if you have satisfactory attendance (you are present and on time to class), complete required tasks, and use your Intervention time responsibly.


What are the expectations and rules for ACE?


Because ACE is considered instructional time, it is imperative that we use this time to support your learning and productivity. As such, all students shall:

  • Do not use personal electronic devices! (If you must use electronics, you may ask your teacher to use a Chromebook.)

  • Do not play games during ACE (either electronic, board, or card).

  • Do not watch unauthorized videos. This does not include videos assigned by your teacher.

  • Remain in your ACE teacher’s classroom until the bell rings (approximately 10 minutes after the tardy bell).

  • Select classes on Intervention Days that will promote your academic success in areas of struggle. (Do you have classes in which you are earning a D/ F?)

    • Note: Your academic teachers may require you to attend their classes during Intervention if they believe that you are not using your time wisely.