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Santa Susana High School is a vibrant community of learners focused on
demonstrating outstanding scholarship, skill, service and honor in the areas of Accelerated Academics, Technical Arts, and Visual Performing Arts. As a magnet school,Santa Susana High School (SSHS) attracts students who expect to share
the benefits of a smaller school campus, while being challenged by a rigorous
and relevant academic curriculum and top-notch elective program, while
preparing for both college and career. With an enrollment of 1,000 students,
SSHS attracts students who desire a high school experience out of the
ordinary in one of 17 Courses of Study. Within these courses, students enroll in
rigorous college preparatory, Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors programs
often merged with exceptionally strong visual, performing, and technical arts
such as musical theater, technical theater, and STEM: Pre-Med, as well as Robotics & Engineering. Our Law Academy’s Mock Trial Team continuously wins

Our bell schedule includes flexible nine-period days, with extended periods and a student advisory period two days each week. The Troubadour ACE period,
seeks to build a strong teacher, student relationship where teachers advocate
for their students, who remain with them for four years. ACE teaches scholarly
practices using skillful participation such as goal setting and digital citizenship. For seniors, we have a myriad of college opportunities and supports. While SSHS has a varietyof arts programs: visual arts, theater, vocal & instrumental music, dance, and stagecraft, SSHS has no interscholastic sports, cheerleaders or marching band. The student body is actively engaged and excited about their learning experiences both in and out of school.

Santa Susana High School Staff are innovative, creative, and forward-thinking.
Santa Susana High School’s mission is to build scholarly, skilled, honorable and
service-minded students. Guided by the research on small school environments,
SSHS students engage themselves and their talents in a setting of cooperation,
respect, and compassion for one another. Students earn Certificates of Achievement, college credit, and engage in internship opportunities based on their coursework, performance level, and senior project. The certification process has been recognized by the California School Board Association and through the California Department of Education Gold Ribbon Awards.  SSHS also serves as a state demonstration site for Career Technical Education in Arts, Media, and Entertainment.