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Interview Skills Workbook includes how to prepare for the job search, an interview, what to wear, and more!

College & Career Center

Questions about college?  What they're looking for in a student?  How to write your essay/personal insight questions?  Questions while filling out an application? What about financial aid?  Scholarships?  There are so many resources available here! Come by and check them out, ask questions, especially early on in your high school career! 

How to pick a major?  What should I do for my future career?  How do I get a job?  Internships?  How do I fill out a job application?  Create a resume?  How do I dress for a job interview?  What do I say in an interview?  Again, so many resources available in the CCC to help ease your mind and set you in the right direction!  Don't hesitate to come in and get some assistance!  

No matter what you are looking into, a four-year or two-year college, vocational school, adult school, trade school, military, or the workforce, it is important for all students to be prepared for life after high school and it is the most important job of the CCC-to see each student find the place, path, and community in which they thrive.

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