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Advanced Placement

2017 AP Test Administration Information

Please review the 2017 testing information and schedule. If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the resources on the website. If you are unable to find answers to any question you may have, please feel free to reach out to Bradley Torti, Assistant Principal and SSHS AP Coordinator.


Each test costs $98*, but will be sold at a discount ($93) if purchased before March 1. Tests MUST be purchased from ASB, either on campus or online at the SSHS Student Store Website between February 6th and March 24th.


AP Exams - May 2017 Schedule and Details

Practice AP Exams by Shmoop

Thanks to SVUSD's partnership with Shmoop, we are able to offer practice exams to SVUSD AP students and those otherwise interested in seeing what the exam experience may be like. Please click on this link to access those practice exams!

AP Parent Information Night

Each year, before SSHS students begin the process of registering for the following year's courses, SSHS provides information to families of current and prospective AP students. The goal of the AP Parent Information night is to give parents the opportunity to learn about the rigors and expectations of particular AP courses offered at SSHS.


This year, our AP Parent Night was held on February 7th. Abstracts from group presentations and selected PowerPoint files are available for review on this page. For specific questions about the content and expectations of a particular course, please contact the course instructor directly.


For general questions about the program and schedule of class offerings, please reach out to the AP Coordinator, SSHS Assistant Principal Bradley Torti.

Highlighted Course Offerings for 2017-2018

* Please note that course offerings are contingent on the number of course requests and period availability. No courses are guaranteed to be available to all students at all periods of the day. Please work with your counselor to determine which courses are available and appropriate for your schedule.


AP Chemistry
Course Instructor: Mr. Paul Thaler


AP Chemistry is an advanced placement course designed to prepare students for the AP Chemistry exam, and covers the equivalent of one full year of college-level general (i.e., non-organic) chemistry.


AP Chemistry is a rigorous math-based course, with a strong laboratory component. It is intended for students who have completed 2 years of algebra, and demonstrated a willingness to commit considerable time to studying and doing assignments outside of class.  CP Chemistry is recommended, too.


Presentation Slides


AP Environmental Science

Course Instructor: Mr. Paul Thaler


AP Environmental Science (A.P.E.S.) is a yearlong interdisciplinary course, the equivalent of an introductory college course in environmental science. 


It is intended for students who have completed two years of high school lab science (e.g., biology and chemistry) and one year of algebra, and who have demonstrated a willingness to commit considerable time to studying and completing assignments outside of class.


Presentation Slides


AP French and AP Spanish

Course Instructors: Mme. Mortine & Sra. Bonvehi


AP world languages and cultures classes cover a variety of aspects of language and the cultures associated with communities which speak those langauges. At Santa Susana High School, we are excited to offer AP coursework in both French and Spanish.


The courses are intended for students who are able to participate in supported conversations in the target language. Instructors deliver all content, linguistic and cultural, in the target language. Students are expected to read, write, listen, and speak the target language fluently in preparation for the AP exam.


Presentation Slides - AP French


AP Human Geography

Course Instructor: Mr. Matthew Long


The purpose of the AP course in Human Geography is to introduce students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of Earth's surface. Students employ spatial concepts and landscape analysis to examine human social organization and its environmental consequences. They also learn about the methods and tools geographers use in their science and practice.


AP Psychology

Course Instructor: Mr. Sylvan Tauber


This course introduces students to the systematic and scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. While considering the psychologists and studies that have shaped the field, students explore and apply psychological theories, key concepts, and phenomena associated with such topics as the biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, learning and cognition, motivation, developmental psychology, testing and individual differences, treatment of abnormal behavior, and social psychology. Throughout the course, students employ psychological research methods, including ethical considerations, as they use the scientific method, analyze bias, evaluate claims and evidence, and effectively communicate ideas.


AP Studio Art

Course Instructors: Mr. Abbe & Mrs. Cherbak-Boyd


AP Photo

With a 100% pass rate for a decade, this course covers learning all aspects of a DSLR camera, image processing, and advanced concepts. Projects will include elements and principles first semester, and second semester is focused on what professionals do to get paid, using studio strobes and reflectors, themed and fashion based shoots, and these images use in graphic design and publishing. Please fill out an application and get back to Mr. Abbe in room 203. No prerequisites but Basic Design, and or Graphics and Pub and Digital Photo are encouraged. This class is highly impacted. 


AP Studio Art 2D and 3D 

"Art is the means by which we communicate what it feels like to be alive." Anthony Gormley, Sculptor.


AP Studio Art is a journey, an exploration and an adventure for a student to discover the world about them through art! AP Studio Art is not based on a written examination; instead, you will submit a portfolio for evaluation at the end of the school year. The three Studio Art portfolios (2-D Design, 3-D Design, and Drawing) share a basic, three-section structure, which requires you to show a fundamental competence and range of understanding in visual concerns (and methods). Each section contributes equally to the final grade.


Presentation Slides